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UWB Hacks the Cloud Documentation

All the essential information needed to create an amazing cloud-based application at the UW Bothell 2020 hackathon.

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UWB Hacks 2020 Documentation

Welcome to the documentation page for UWB ACM’s annual hackathon! Check out some of the guides below to prepare for the big day, find inspiration for potential projects, or get help if you are feeling lost or stuck.


Visit the docs page for presentations for all available slide decks and recorded presentations.


All of the Zoom sessions for Friday require a password to join. Make sure you join our Discord server to get the passphrases.

Friday April 17th

Time Event
9:30 AM Opening Ceremony on Zoom
10:00 AM Workshop: Team-Building Mixer, Hosted by ACM-W on Zoom
10:00 AM Hacking begins!
11:00 AM Workshop: Intro to Cloud Services on Zoom
1:15 PM Lightning Talks: Tales from the Cloud on Zoom
2:45 PM Workshop: Mentor Q&A on Zoom

Saturday April 18th

Time Event
Whenever Day 2 of hacking begins!
12:00 PM Virtual Gaming Session / Hack Break (more details TBA)
5:00 PM Virtual Bingo / Trivia / Hack Break (more details TBA)
8:00 PM AFK Photography Contest submissions due in Discord

Sunday April 19th

Time Event
Whenever Last day of hacking begins!
2:00 PM Submissions due on DevPost
3:00 PM Project Demonstrations on Zoom
5:00 PM Project Assessment Begins

Tuesday April 21st

Time Event
5:00 PM Project Assessment Closes
6:00 PM Winners announced on Zoom

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Submitting Your Project

See our docs page for more information.