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UWB Hacks the Cloud Documentation

All the essential information needed to create an amazing cloud-based application at the UW Bothell 2020 hackathon.

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You can chat with other participants in the Hackathon through our Discord channel

For communication in between your team, you can look into the following:

Collaborative Coding

To keep track of your code and prevent issues utilize the following:

Collaborative Cloud

Check out our guide on choosing a cloud provider to pick a cloud platform to use for your project.

Sharing an Account

If your team needs to work on a single cloud account, you can choose to share your administrator credentials; however, this is not recommended. Even though you may be working with friends, sharing the root admin account allows for anyone with access to view sensitive materials, grant additional users administrative privileges, and change the password for the root account, among other nefarious actions. As such, it is advised that you create new accounts in provider’s identity management service and give the new user more limited permissions.

When you’re ready, you can add users and give them permissions to use account services for your project. When creating user accounts, you can follow the instructions for AWS, GCP, and Azure.

Video Conferencing

As the UWB Hacks Spring 2020 hackathon is virtual this year, here are some options for video conferencing that can be used:


Discord is free software for text and video chats that allows for the creation of separate groups (aka servers), direct messaging, screen sharing, and group chats. It has an easy and casual vibe that is quick to set up. This software retains a history of messages.

Get Discord here and join our event server here.


Zoom is a videoconferencing software that that allows for the creation of meeting rooms, direct messaging, screen sharing, and whiteboards to draw notes on. It can be good for giving one-sided speeches, or group conversations. Zoom Pro is free for UWB students. This software does not retain a history of your messages.

Get Zoom here!


Slack is messaging software that is free for small groups, allows for separate channels, and group video chat. Clean and accessible design, which allows for clear separation between group chats. This software retains a history of messages.

Get Slack here!