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UWB Hacks the Cloud Documentation

All the essential information needed to create an amazing cloud-based application at the UW Bothell 2020 hackathon.

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Submitting Your Project for Awards

Preparing for the Hackathon & Submission

  1. Form a team. Collaborating on a project with other people will result in a more rewarding experience overall, as well as a higher quality project.
  2. Register for the hackathon on DevPost. If you are working on a project with a team, you can register as a team. Make sure to select I'm looking for teammates or Yes, I have a team when you register.
  3. Get an account with a cloud provider. Check out our docs page to get started.
  4. Make sure you read the submission requirements for this hackathon. They are listed on the Discord server as well as on this page under Project Requirements.

DevPost Submissions

UWB Hacks the Cloud will use DevPost to track project submission and evaluation.

To be considered for an award, all projects must be uploaded to DevPost by Sunday, April 19, 2020 at 2PM PST.

Using the DevPost Platform

Create an engaging project page for your project. You can create the project from your account page or create a new project when you click Manage your submission.

DevPost has some advice on how to create a project page and submit your project to the hackathon event on DevPost. The organizers also have a set of best practices to follow, which is also available on the DevPost site for the hackathon.

After you’ve submitted your project, you can edit your submission up until the submission deadline (Sunday April 19th 2020 at 2PM PST).

If you have any questions, message an event organizer on Discord.

Best Practices for Project Submissions

Industry mentors, UWB faculty, and hackathon organizers will be serving as judges for all submitted projects.

The more information the judges have to evaluate your project, the more likely you are to receive recognition for your hard work!

Category 1: README

All submitted projects should have an accompanying document which explains the following:

Category 2: User Experience Example

Show us how users interact with your project! It could be one or more of the following:

Category 3: Implementation Details

We want to see how the project was created. Any or all of the following could be provided:

Prize Categories

There are three prize categories this year.

Each of these categories will come with a prize pack, which will include a mix of IoT devices, DigitalOcean credits, merchandise, and a custom trophy.

Most Innovative

The project which combines cloud services in innovative and technically advanced ways. Awarded by judges and organizers.

Most Impactful

The project which facilitates community awareness, social inclusion, or otherwise improves the lives of your peers. Awarded by judges and organizers.

Student Favorite

Awarded by your peers as the best or most popular project.

Project Requirements

Note: to be eligible for prizes, you must do the following: